Written by Lukas Lengauer, BSc on December 31, 2019

Woman doing flat belly workout

If you want to get rid of belly fat, you have to take care of your diet. But you should also do a few effective exercises, which tighten the belly and increase energy consumption.

The belly is a common problem area where the human body stores excess bodyfat. The problem is: Belly fat is hormone active and increases the risk for cardiovascular disease.

The following exercises will help you to burn belly fat fast. They will also help you to have less back pain, as they improve the stability of your core.

Sounds good? Let’s go!

Flat belly training plan

Our flat belly challenge lasts 30 days and consists of three bodyweight exercises. The exercises are already shown on the graphic, but below you will find precise explanations for the execution.

The challenge is designed so that the specified repetitions are all made in one set. This means that on the first day, for example, eight situps are made directly in a row. Then you take a short break and go straight to the second exercise.

In the beginning, the training is still relatively loose. But as you can see immediately, at the end of the challenge you have already achieved a very good level of fitness. You can then complete 30 reps of sit-ups, 30 reps of lying leg lifts and a 75 second plank in a row.

Flat belly exercise #1: sit-ups

Sit-ups for toned abs

Sit-ups are a simple and one of the and most effective exercises against belly fat. For the execution you need a yoga mat or a towel, otherwise the ground is too hard.

This is how you should execute sit-ups:

1.) Lie down on a fitness mat or a soft surface and angle your knees so that both feet are on the floor.

2.) Perform the upward movement relatively explosively, but still controlled.

3.) At the top point you should touch your thighs with your elbows. Then you perform a slow downward movement, in which you concentrate on hitting your abs.

4.) As soon as your torso is flat on the soft surface again, the next repetition follows.

Tip: If you can’t do sit-ups, just do crunches instead. They are easier, but still very effective.

Flat belly exercise #2: lying leg lifts for the lower abs

Lying leg raises during flat belly workout

When we lift our legs while lying on the back, the lower abs get worked a little bit more. In addition, the hip flexor is also involved in this exercise.

Here’s how to do lying leg lifts:

1.) Put a yoga mat on the floor or use a comparable soft surface. Lie down on your back. The arms and hands should be placed next to your torso and lie flat on the floor. The legs are almost completely extended.

2.) Lift your legs upward until there is an angle of 90 degrees between them and your torso. This upward movement should again be explosive, but still controlled.

3.) Once you reach the top position, you initiate the slow and controlled downward movement. At the lowest point, however, the legs are not placed on the floor. We keep the tension here and leave the legs slightly in the air before the next repetition follows.

Flat belly exercise #3: planks

Plank exercise for a flat belly

During planking, the muscles are worked and strengthened due to static tension. Planks not only train your abs but are generally one of the best exercises for more core stability.

This is what you should pay attention to in this exercise:

1.) Go into the same position as with push-ups. Instead of leaning on your hands, however, you lean on your elbows and forearms. Again, a soft surface is recommended.

2.) Actively tighten your abdominal muscles and make sure you don’t have a hollow back. That would be harmful to your spine.

3.) Hold this position until the specified time has elapsed. Always make sure you always keep the tension.

Tip: If normal planks are too heavy for you, then you can also do them on your knees. This makes them easier.

Adjust the flat belly workout to your fitness level

The repetition numbers and seconds specified in the training plan are designed for a medium fitness level.

So, depending on how long you’ve been training, the challenge may be a little too light or too heavy for you. That’s why you always have to adapt it to your level of fitness.

You can do this easily by increasing or reducing the repetitions for sit-ups and lying leg lifts and the amount of time for planks.

Advanced trainees can also combine the flat belly challenge with our 30 day fitness challenge to train the whole body with bodyweight exercises.

The right diet makes all the difference

Of course, you will build muscle and tighten your belly with the training plan presented here. But you will only see real success if you also pay attention to your diet.

This is because fat loss is known to only work if you achieve a calorie deficit. In addition, you should also pay attention to a sufficiently high protein intake and some other factors like eating enough veggies and drinking enough water.


Through effective training and the right diet, you can tighten your belly and get your body in shape. This free belly challenge helps you achieve your goals by the summer.

How do you like the training plan and when will you start with it? Leave a comment now! Of course, this also applies if you have questions or would like to leave us feedback.