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Fitness and Workouts

Learn how to lose weight and shape your body with effective home workouts and articles about fitness and strength training.

Fast Weight Loss: 7 Exercises, 11 Minutes per Day

Written by Lukas Lengauer, BSc on February 12, 2020 It's no secret: if you want to lose weight fast, you have to do some kind of sport. Without physical activity, energy consumption is simply not high enough to burn fat quickly. Since many people nowadays have less and less time, training at home is a good alternative to an expensive gym. That's why I have put together an effective training plan with 7 exercises that will help you lose weight fast. All exercises train [...]

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Flat Belly Workout – Get Rid Of Belly Fat Fast With This Free 30 Day Workout Plan

Written by Lukas Lengauer, BSc on December 31, 2019 If you want to get rid of belly fat, you have to take care of your diet. But you should also do a few effective exercises, which tighten the belly and increase energy consumption. The belly is a common problem area where the human body stores excess bodyfat. The problem is: Belly fat is hormone active and increases the risk for cardiovascular disease. The following exercises will help you to burn belly fat fast. They [...]

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3 Steps To Lose Belly Fat Fast, Based On Science

Written by Lukas Lengauer, BSc on December 27, 2019 If you want to lose weight, you often have an additional goal in mind. This includes, for example, getting rid of annoying belly fat. But can you burn fat in one place? And what should women and men consider when it comes to nutrition and exercise if they want to lose belly fat? In this article I will show you how to lose belly fat fast. Belly fat: The unhealthiest type of body [...]

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30 Day Fitness Challenge For Women – Lose Weight Fast And Healthy

Written by Lukas Lengauer, BSc on December 19, 2019 Millions of people want to lose weight and live a healthier life. Whether through a healthy diet, strength training or a combination of both. Of course we think that’s great, because health is the most important thing we have. That is why we would like to make our contribution by providing this free 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Below you will find a simple 30 Day Challenge which focuses on body weight exercises. The intensity and [...]

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